Kvantron Smart Industrial Vision Systems

Build control

Most errors during assembly are due to poor quality of parts and assemblies received for assembly, or breach of technological discipline.

Without effective functioning of assembly and completeness control, it is impossible to ensure the required level of quality of manufactured products. Therefore, it is very important that the vision system is an integral part of the technological process.

The vision system to solve this problem is selected taking into account the design characteristics and features of products, metrological characteristics, as well as economic efficiency of the control process.

Very often the vision system is able not only to provide statistics of defects, but also to adjust the technological process in real time to eliminate them.

A set of control operations-verifications performed in the process of unit and general assembly:

  • completeness of articles and assembly units, control of presence or absence of articles in the package.
  • accuracy of fits and mutual positioning of mating parts and assemblies, control of product placement in the package, deviations from the accuracy of mutual positioning of parts and assemblies.
  • packaging elements (availability of labels, markings, inscriptions, design and packaging elements).

Completeness inspection

Inspection for completeness of products and assemblies is relevant during assembly and for final inspection. The vision system checks the presence of elements according to the specification.


Positional inspection

Determination of layout and mating accuracy of parts, component offsets, sub-assemblies, and accuracy of fits. Controls the geometry and correctness of the connection of parts and components, e.g., tightness of fit. Aspect inspection: Control of arrangement and placement of the goods in the package.


Packaging component inspections

Verification of labels, markings, signatures, printed information and logos, and other package design elements

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