Mandatory product labeling

The national unified labeling system “Honest Mark” should cover all industrial sectors of our country by 2024. Federal Law No. 487-FZ of December 31, 2017.

Our company offers:

  • The introduction of marking systems;
  • Quality equipment of domestic, German and Japanese production;
  • Own software;
  • Experience in implementing industrial vision systems for more than 6 years;
  • Commissioning and warranty service;
  • Prices below the market in 2 times.

The system of marking “turnkey”, includes:

  • Equipment selection;
  • Consulting;
  • Support of the project;
  • Instruction of staff;
  • Service;
  • Software integration;
  • Single Center of Competence.

Reading damaged barcodes

Product coding does not always run smoothly, there are occasional technical malfunctions in the coding equipment. In this case our main task is to increase the accuracy and speed of barcode decoding. Configuration adjustments and improvements in the algorithm, as well as the use of neural networks can lead to significant improvements in this process. But end users can also play a significant role by improving label resolution, ensuring a smooth liner surface, and so on.

Deciphering the most common unreadable barcodes

Regardless of the industry, the following barcode reading errors may occur:

  • Angular distortion;
  • Bending;
  • Poor print quality;
  • Glare;
  • Poor contrast;
  • Poor lighting;
  • Multiple Codes;
  • Shadows.

In some cases with barcodes that are difficult to read, adjusting a few settings can help dramatically increase decoding speed and quality. As a rule, maximum accuracy is achieved at the expense of speed of recognition and allocation of more resources of the hardware part of the system.

To get the best barcode reading results, we use:

  • High-quality industrial cameras with high-speed shooting, motorized focusing and a high-sensitivity sensor;
  • Professional lenses with polarizing filters to eliminate glare;
  • Infrared spot illumination modules that are triggered the moment the camera takes a picture;
  • To improve performance on high-speed lines, we use a combination of computer vision algorithms and deep learning neural networks to accelerate the recognition of two-dimensional codes.
  • Using the Darknet neural network allows us to localize and recognize hard-to-read codes, even film is not a hindrance;
  • Powerful industrial computing units that provide high performance of the recognition system;
  • Adaptive software, tailored to specific customer needs;
  • Licensed operating systems and certificates.

All these components of “Kvantron Smart” system provide the highest level and speed of reading and recognition of even faulty codes. Which satisfies the requirements of any, even the most demanding customers.

Implementation experience:

Since 2019, the company “Quantron” has become an official integrator of the CRPT “Honest Mark” and is now undergoing a series of experiments on mandatory labeling of products of commodity groups – water, beer and milk.

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